Recommended books

The following books are some of the books I've read and that I'd recommed if one's interested in the corresponding topics. (Note: If you are using the Amazon links provided on this page the webpage's author benefits from referring customers there)

Books are currently ordered by topic (physics, electronics, mechanics and fluid dynamics, information technology, various)

Learn Quantum Computing with Python and IBM Quantum Experience: A hands-on introduction to quantum computing and writing your own quantum programs with Python

Robert Loredo

A nice introduction to absolute basics of quantum computing and simple circuits, the basic usage of QisKit and also the usage ob IBMs publically available quantum experience platform that allows one to run ones quantum algorithms on small but real hardware.

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Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals

Richard P. Feynman

A new revision of Feynmans 1956 publication that covers basic path integrals, pertubation methods, quantum electrodynamics and statistical mechanics. A really great introduction to path integrals.

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Techniques and Applications of Path Integration

L. S. Schulman

This book contains many examples on how to apply path integrals - after a short introduction to the technique and its releations to propagator formalism including descriptions of functional differentiation and integration. The samples include the WKB approxiamtion, geometrical optics and scattering theory, polarons, multiply connected spaces and physics in curvlinear spaces using path integrals. It also includes application samples on phase space path integrals.

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Quantum Optics: An Introduction

Mark Fox

This book is a great introduction into quantum optics. It stars with basics, photons, interactions between photons and atoms and concludes with a section on quantum information processing. One of it's main parts covers optical trapping and control of atoms using optical fields.

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How To - Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems

Randall Munroe

A great collection of (mostly useless) solutions to real world problems from the author of xkcd

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What If

Randall Munroe

A ingenious collection of some creative (and really unlikely) questions and their implications - like for example the question what would happen if you swim inside a swimming pool, how many people would a dinosaur need to eat to stay alive, etc.

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On Food and Cooking - The Science And Lore Of The Kitchen

Harold McGee

The best book I've ever encountered on cooking and the background behind recipes / ingredients. Not a typical cook-book but a little bit more theoretic and informative. A must have for any kitchen.

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The Expanse

James S. A. Corey

The expanse is one of the most realistic science fiction novel series currently out there. The first books also have been transformed into a great SciFi TV series.

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Nora Bendzko

This is a fantastic dark transformation of the classical fairy tale "Rumpelstilzchen" into the setting of the thirty years war. Dark and scary but definitely a good read as all "Galgenmärchen"

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Nora Bendzko

Again a book from the "Galgenmärchen" series - this time its "Rotkäppchen" transformed into the time of the thirty years war.

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Nora Bendzko

The last book from the "Galgenmärchen" series mentioned in this list. Again a classical fairytale ("Rapunzel") transformed into the dark setting of the thirty years war - and again showing the darkness of human souls and mankind in a brutal and somewhat disturbing way. Again a book definitely to recommend - of course only for grown ups.

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Bruno E. Thyke

A collection of dark short stories based on folklore and fairytales.

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An Introduction to Manifolds

Lroing W. Tu

A basic introduction to topological manifolds

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Theory and Design of Charged Particle Beams

Martin Reiser

The description says it all. The book covers everything from low energy focusing, transport systems, high energy microwave sources, etc. Everything is derived from basic physical laws.

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Measurement and control of charged particle beams

M.G. Minty, F. Zimmermann

This book focuses on the measurement techniques used for charged particle beams (i.e. also on particle accelerators) as well as their usage with control systems.

Physics of Semiconductor Devices

Simon M. Sze, Kwok K. Ng

The classic book used as reference for semiconductor physics

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The road to reality (A complete guide to the laws of the universe)

Roger Penrose

A book covering the journey from basic mathematical statements (like the Pythagorean theorem) up to state of the art quantum mechanics. Despite covering that much it's really suited for interested beginners.

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The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, Matthew Sands

A complete lecture series covering all basic of physics. Suited for undergraduate students offering a complete course from zero to all basics that one requires for state of the art physics. Written by one of the most genius lecturers and one of the most brilliant physicists of modern history.

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Übungsaufgaben zur Quantentheorie

Dietrich Grau

A collection of exercise problems for the introductory courses of quantum mechanics (developed by a lecturer at the technical university of Vienna). Of course it also includes solutions.

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Many-body Theory Exposed

Dickhoff Willem Hendrik

This book is an introduction into propagator formalism of quantum mechanics and their application in many body systems (i.e. solid state physics)

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Gravitation (Foundations and Frontiers)

T. Padmanabhan

A book covering the basics of gravitation.

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A first course in string theory

Barton Zwiebach

If you had no previous contact with string theory this is the book of choice for self-studies. But take yourself about two years for the whole book ...

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Introductio in analysin infinitorum

Leonhard Euler

You are capable of reading Latin and want to know how Euler had the idea of infinity and how he derived some of his today well known and most useful equations?

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Elementary Particle Physics in a Nutshell

Chistopher G. Tully

An introduction to the basics of elementary particle physics

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Cosmological Physics

J.A. Peacock

Introduction to cosmology. One of the greatest introductory books I've read about this topic.

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Gravitation und Kosmologie

R. U. Sexl, H.K. Urbantke

This book covers basic principles of gravitation and cosmology. It provides an easy introduction to the topic.

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RF Circuit Design, Theory & Applications

Reinhold Ludwig, Gene Bogdanov

A book covering the theoretical basics as well as the practical realization of RF circuits (starting from striplines and microstrips, coplanar waveguides, filters and going up to amplifiers, baluns, etc.). Does not include oscillators though.

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The design of modern microwave oscillators for wireless applications

Rohde, Poddar, Böck

This book covers the information missing from the previous one - how to design microwave oscillators.

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Dynamics of atmospheric flight

Bernard Etkin

A book covering basic aerodynamics in the subsonic range.

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Fluid Mechanics

L.D. Landau, E. M. Lifshitz

Introduction to the basics of (subsonic) fluid mechanics

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Handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Alexander Clark

Whenever you want to solve a concrete problem or are just curious about the methods used in computational linguistics / natural language processing this book is a nice and complete starting point and reference. Easy but complete explanations, basics as well as state of the art methods.

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Programming collective intelligence

Toby Segaran

A book covering recommendation systems and search rankings together with some practice problems. A nice introduction to the topic.

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Verilog digital system design

Unsalan, Tar

An introduction to digital system design with Verilog. Covers testbench design as well as synthesis and register level transfer.

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Windows Internals


Good overview of the architecture of Windows - a must read if you want to develop drivers or other system plugins or whenever you just want to know how they've designed that system.

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Peter Norton's Assemblerbuch

Peter Norton, John Socha

A nice way to learn assembly language programming for x86 architecture. A little bit older - focuses on development of 16 bit applications for MS-DOS but provides a complete step-through course that develops a useful hex-editor on the way.

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Numerical Recipes


The standard book when you are trying to solve numerical problems and want to lookup a suited algorithm as well as remarks and preconditions under which you can use that algorithm.

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Oceanographical engineering

Robert L. Wiegel

If you want to design moorings, dams or coastal structures - or even your own oil rig - this book provides an extensive source of information.

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Foundations of mechanical accuracy

Pilar Wayne

A book covering everything you need to know when you want to manufacture accurate mechanical structures or machines.

Allgemeine Geologie

Grotzinger, Jordan

An introductory course into the basics of geology. Used in some introductory university courses.

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Learn you some erlang for great good

Fred Hebert

A great introduction into the Erlang programming language. After one has walked through this book one is capable of writing full applications in Erlang, using the patterns of the OTP and using the Mnesia database for data storage.

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Moderne Tauchmedizin


Everything you never really wanted to know (or better which you should know) as a diver about the medical effects and treatments.

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Lexicon recentis latinitatis

Fondazione Latinitas

You always wanted to use the Latin language in a modern context? Then this is the lexicon you're missing. It provides translations of current modern words into the antique language - this book is compiled by the Latinitas foundation from the Vatican and contains back-translations of modern Italian language into Latin.

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