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Verschl├╝sselter (Facebook) Chat mit Pidgin

A short description (in german) how to use the facebook chat with it's XMPP interface.

Adding tags for indexing webpages with Jekyll

An easy method to add tags to your static Jekyll generated pages and blogs

Comparison of TAN mechanisms and alternatives

This blog post should provide a short overview of TAN alternatives and methods as well as their pitfalls and security

The Blogsphere - How pingbacks work

The blogsphere is a web of interconnected websites. As usual websites are linked like all pages in the WWW but on the other hand they provide an easy way of notifying each other of being referenced by a third party. Pingback is - besides trackbacks - the (XML-RPC based) technology used for that notification.

Using Git / Git Cheatsheet

07 May 2019 - tsp

A short cheat sheet on how to use the git version control system

How to use TOR as normal user

21 Jul 2019 - tsp

A short description how to use TOR as a normal user and what to be aware of when using TOR

What is Multifactor authentication (MFA) and how to use a Yubikey on FreeBSD for Web and PAM (Local, SSH, etc.) authentication

27 Jul 2019 - tsp

This article contains a short tutorial about multifactor authentication, various factors that may be used and a tutorial on how to use the Yubikey hardware token for web- and local as well as SSH (pam) authentication on FreeBSD.

Some respectable TOR hidden services

11 Nov 2019 - tsp

Because it's sometimes said TOR hidden services are only used by criminals this post lists a few more credible services and some reasons why one might use them.

Using a bluetooth mouse with FreeBSD

18 Feb 2020 - tsp

Summary on how to enable a bluetooth mouse on FreeBSD

Automatic Ethernet and WiFi failover on FreeBSD

28 Feb 2020 - tsp

Short introduction on how to use lagg(4) to perform automatic switching from ethernet to WiFi and back on FreeBSD.

How does the Internet work and what is it anyways?

02 Dec 2020 - tsp

Mini introduction into the nature of the Internet and it's basic working principles.

Why I think that Jabber/XMPP is one of the best chat system available

26 Sep 2021 - tsp

Some thoughts why in my opinion Jabber/XMPP is currently one of the best chat system that's currently available - and much more than just a simple chat system.

Why one should use version control like GIT or SVN for nearly everything

07 Oct 2021 - tsp

This is an opinion article on why I think one should use version control systems such as git or SVN for everything including writing tasks for thesis, books or articles as well as websites and other stuff in addition to software development.

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