Logarithm and exponential function with OpAmps

27 Feb 2022 - tsp

A summary how to implement the logarithmic and exponential function using operational amplifiers - and how to use this to build simple mixers when combining with a simple summation amplifier

Building simple function generators using OpAmps (OpAmp based multivibrator)

24 Jan 2022 - tsp

Summary on how to use operational amplifiers to build simple function generators such as square wave function generators. This approach can be used to build simple laboratory function generators as well as low frequency oscillators used for various applications.

The capstan equation

15 Nov 2021 - tsp

A summary on how to derive the capstan equation describing the friction of a rope on a bollard, winch or a capstan

A less mathematical introduction to power iterations

03 Jul 2021 - tsp

This blog post is a little summary or introduction on how to calculate Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors using power iterations that tries to use a little less formal jargon to provide a short overview.

Short Kalman filter summary

19 May 2021 - tsp

A short summary about Kalman filtering

Basic operational amplifier (OpAmp) circuits

22 Nov 2020 - tsp

Summary of the most basic OpAmp circuits that are usually built as well as their basic properties

Maxwell equation summary

22 Sep 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the basic properties of Maxwell equations, the resulting electromagnetic wave equations and commonly used gauges (Lorenz, Coulomb).

Some Gaussian integrals in 1 dimension

11 Sep 2020 - tsp

Short summary of various commonly used Gaussian integrals (1 dimensional) most of the time not shown in school textbooks.

Z, ABCD, S and T parameters in two port networks

12 Jul 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the different meaning and interpretation of impedance, ABCD, scattering and transfer parameters in simple (linear) two port networks.

Capacitance measurement with AVR (simple, fast)

Mini article about the measurement of capacitance with AVRs with a minimum of external components (in it's most extreme form none external components exploiting the gate capacitance of the micro-controllers input)

A method to write object oriented code in ANSI C

24 Apr 2020 - tsp

This blog post summarizes a method that can be used to develop software in the same way one would when using object oriented techniques with C++, Java or similar languages. It's based on the method used by the previously mentioned languages to implemented that stuff on bare metal.

k-Means clustering algorithm

22 Mar 2020 - tsp

Short summary about the k-means algorithm and it's usage

Simple JPEG image I/O with libjpeg

20 Mar 2020 - tsp

Short tutorial on how to use libjpeg for simple image I/O (to read and write JPEG files to/from disk or memory and represent them as simple in-memory bitmap for simple CV experiments)

Neuronal network basics

25 Feb 2020 - tsp

A short introduction into neuronal networks and backpropagation

Selenium with Chromium and Java on FreeBSD

10 Feb 2020 - tsp

This is a short description on how to get started using Selenium with chromedriver on FreeBSD with a Java application. This can be used to develop automatic test applications for web applications or simple bots that scrape content from webpages or automate actions on the web using a full browser capable of running JavaScript, running browser plugins, etc. (Update - In addition an implementation in Python has been added to show a short draft on how one can get started with Selenium in Python as well.)

AWS first steps - How to initialize the admin IAM user and initialize CLI tools

02 Feb 2020 - tsp

Real first mini steps when using Amazon webservices. Adding 2FA to your root user, creating an administrative user, enabling 2FA there and creating access keys for CLI tools.

I2C communication between RaspberryPi and an AVR based I2C slave

04 May 2019 - tsp

This article explains how to use an AVR as I2C slave device (basically how to set registers for the TWI controller) and how to interface that to an RaspberryPi running FreeBSD

Where does complex impedance come from?

02 May 2019 - tsp

This post describes a simple derivation of the complex inpedance formulas well known from electronics.

Fast ballpark calculation of maximum speed for maximum car througput (using simple high-school physics and math)

25 Apr 2019 - tsp

Something most drivers don't want to hear - a basic pallpark calculation of the optimal maximum speed that offers the maximum car througput on streets.

Using AVRs GPIO pins with avr-gcc

24 Apr 2019 - tsp

How to use the GPIO pins on the AVR microcontrollers when using avr-gcc

Getting started with STM32F401RE Nucleo starter board on FreeBSD

27 Mar 2019 - tsp

How to get started with the STM32F401RE nucelo development board on FreeBSD with gcc and openocd

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